Our  grants are not just checks,

not just points on a map.

Our grants are lifelines, connecting individual donors with Black men, women, children, families striving for a better life. These connections are designed to stretch across history, so that a visionary donor of today is making a difference for the Black community tomorrow.

What We Fund

ACT’s discretionary grants will fund projects and efforts that align with the priorities in our strategic plan. These grant opportunities may take the form of vehicles like requests for LOI to solicit new ideas and innovation.

In addition, ACT remains committed to being responsive to unexpected community needs and opportunities. Our focus on addressing critical needs for Black communities throughout the country will involve responsive grants to community leaders and nonprofit organizations. As these grant opportunities arise, requests for proposals (RFPs) will be created and shared here.

Every funding investment ACT makes will be measured by its impact towards the goal of a thriving, equitable and connected community where Black people of every interest and background have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Opportunities Currently Available

Currently, there are 2 funding opportunities currently open:


The Dr. John Yancy Odom Community Leadership Award - To support our strategy of empowering the next generation of visionary leaders, ACT has issued an open call for ideas from community leaders, within the African-American community, to empower the areas closest to them.  ACT is awarding $1,000 every month for the next year.

The Q. Scott Riley Youth Entrepreneurship Education Award - To award $1,000 scholarships to exceptional Chicago Public High School college students with interests in business and, in particular, entrepreneurship.